essential tips to improve the security of your computer 

essential tips to improve the security of your computer

Youssef Elarabi
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2015-07-03 10:21:12

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essential tips to improve the security of your computer

Only a few specialists can claim to be true experts in computer security, and yet ... all the computers in use, most of us every day, and the situation is often the same: almost nobody cares any basic security machine.

Obviously, this is very unfortunate, especially since some simple actions are available to all and are already used to protect most of the potential problems.

I offer you today a brief checklist of points to consider at all, yet often overlooked. I do not voluntarily speak to you of the best anti-virus / malware / spyware / Spam / kittens, this is not the topic of the day (and probably deserves a whole article. Especially against kittens).

These examples concern in the Windows priority over 90% of computer users (source), but also tips are generally valid for other systems. As experts habits can they correct / full commented.


Use a different user account for the administrator account

Sécurité ordinateur utilisateurs

A lot of Windows users simply create a user account on the first use of a new machine, which will be happy to serve the whole family without limit.

While it is not mandatory to create a different account for each family member - what could avoid conflict in case of mishandling of data in one or the other - it is far more useful to ask the question of the type of account use.

This is a default "administrator" that is created in the installation of Windows, that is, an account that has the power to change everything about the system, such as installing and uninstalling programs and access account all parameters machine.

It is much safer to use a standard user account can not access as much function to prevent mismanagement or to limit damage in case of external intrusion daily.

Although it will take you back to an account admistrateur to change system configuration, but worth losing what little comfort.

The procedure here is for Windows 7. Windows 8 is a little more complicated, and here we touch the limits of the system interface, for which Microsoft has not gone far enough in my opinion.

In fact, there are settings for the account interface modern user interface, but I found nothing on the account type. It is only by going to the old Control Panel, User Accounts section, an option is available to change the account type.

(Well, if not, Linux users laugh reading this part too, since user management is most successful for security)

Locks the screen when you get away for a moment, and turn off your machine in any other case

Sécurité ordinateur arrêter plutôt que mettre en veille

The first advice applies, of course, be in a public place, such as your workplace, if you do not want to prying eyes looking at her computer. There should be a law against that. It would be more useful than other laws (to #troll).

I give you my magic on Windows 8 shortcut Win + L.

You are then found in the lock screen, where the password is required to use the machine.

But beware: it protects you from all dishonest visitor, but keep in mind that as long as your machine is running, it remains vulnerable when connected to the Internet.

The best solution is then to put it on standby or turn it off completely. Plus it's good for the planet.

No panic boot time, Windows is still much better at this point because Windows 8.

Update your system and software

Sécurité ordinateur mise à jour

We can never say enough: the security flaws discovered in software regularly, and of course in operating systems. Therefore, it is essential to carry out the updates that correct these problems without too much delay.

Windows Update offers several updates installation mode: can be installed automatically or download only and asks for confirmation before installing them or look for them and ask before downloading or do nothing at all.

I advise you to check the settings used on the computer and choose the best option according to your preferences.

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