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2016-08-26 14:58:03

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iOS 9 and Swift 2: From Beginner to Paid Professional 45$=>0$

51.5 Hours + 178 Lectures
  • The BEST online iOS 9 Swift 2 course online. Lets learn iOS 9 & Swift 2
  • Apply to Jr iOS development jobs
  • Build apps at your current development job
  • Master iOS 9
  • Master Swift 2
  • Build and release iOS 9 & Swift 2 apps to the Apple App Store
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Adobe After Effects: The Complete Guide to After Effects 200$=>0$

12 Hours + 122 Lectures
  • The best After Effects guide to creating motion graphics and using special effects with Adobe After Effects.
  • Learn the ins and outs of After Effects
  • Animate your own motion graphics
  • Create your own amazing videos!
  • Improve your video quality with graphics

After Effects 2016 - Complete Tutorial from Novice to Expert 150$=>0$

14.5 Hours + 160 Lectures
  • Create incredible motion graphics and visual effects. Design and deliver professional motion graphics and visual effects
  • Create Motion Graphics to Enhance your Videos
  • Learn The Most Useful Techniques and Methods used in After Effects
  • How to Design, Animate and Time your Motion Graphics Videos

Green Screen Editing: Premiere Pro, Final Cut, After Effects 100$=>0$

3.5 Hours + 31 Lectures
  • Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, FCPX! Learn how to edit green screen video like a pro in all major programs!
  • An open mind
  • Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere Pro, and/or Adobe After Effects
  • Free Trial versions of Adobe Premiere and After Effects available.

After Effects: Create an Intro Video / Bumper for your Brand 100$=>0$

5.5 Hours + 25 Lectures
  • A complete guide to conceptualizing, creating, and using a video intro to promote, grow, and strengthen your brand.
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to create a professional video intro for your brand.
  • Learn the basics of After Effects

Animate Hipster Logos & Badges in After Effects 25$=>0$

1 Hours + 12 Lectures
Step-by-step guide to designing and animating a fun badge logo using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

Adobe After Effects: Advanced Shape Layers 100$=>0$

3.5 Hours + 20 Lectures
  • Animate shape layers to create hip, professional, and powerful motion graphics in After Effects. Start learning today!
  • Become After Effects Master!
  • Learn to be more creative while making motion graphics
  • Be able to replicate hip After Effects shape animations

Learn Camtasia Studio Full Course 30$=>0$

1.5 Hours + 12 Lectures
In this Course you will learn about centered around the advanced features and techniques that Camtasia Studio 8 offers.

Apple Watch Design 20$=>0$

4 Hours + 35 Lectures
  • Learn how to design custom apps for Apple's newest and most intimate device. Great for all skill levels. Learn Photoshop
  • Use Photoshop to create Apple Watch Apps
  • Identify the anatomy of the Apple Watch
  • Work with mockups
  • Create custom mockups
  • Use photoshop to create user interface for anything
  • Understand the three major themes behind the Apple Watch

Ultimate Google Adwords For YouTube Course-Be A YouTube Star 200$=>0$

2 Hours + 25 Lectures
Use Google Adwords to transform your YouTube Channel with simple $10 ads to get your viral videos noticed.

CSS: Foundation classes on CSS 20$=>0$

1.5 Hours + 16 Lectures
CSS: Learn how to style web pages in CSS using 3 different modes to write CSS. Learn CSS from scratch to advance level

Business Bootcamp: 7 Weeks to Start Your Own Business 200$=>0$

6.5 Hours + 52 Lectures
  • Launch your own business doing what you love. This step-by-step business guide will get you started in just 7 weeks.
  • Start your own business with any skill or passion of yours
  • Choose your most profitable skill
  • Define your target audience & compete with other businesses
  • Build your online presence with a website, portfolio, testimonials, and social media profiles
  • Find your first clients (and your next ones)
  • Manage a business (finances, taxes, expenses, etc.)
  • Scale up your business to 6-figures per year

Fundraising 101: Pitch, Fund, and Kickstart a Video Project 100$=>0$

2 Hours + 47 Lectures
Motivational guide to raising funds through crowdfunding and traditional investing taught by a Hollywood professional.

Email Marketing: Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers Now 200$=>0$

2.5 Hours + 34 Lectures
Start building and marketing to your own email list subscribers with tools like MailPoet (free), MailChimp, or AWeber.

ConvertKit - Email Marketing for Online Entrepreneurs 100$=>0$

2.5 Hours + 26 Lectures
Learn How To Grow Your Business With Effective Email Marketing Sequences, Auto Responder, Lead Magnets and Sales Funnels

Professional Photo Editing with Cyberlink PhotoDirector 50$=>0$

3 Hours + 54 Lectures
Learn how to edit professional photographs on Mac or PC with this Cyberlink PhotoDirector Complete Tutorial Course!

Travel Photography: Take Beautiful Photos on Your Adventures 200$=>0$

5 Hours + 39 Lectures
  • Complete guide to taking better photos with your camera while traveling. A perfect photography course for beginners.
  • Learn the basics of photography
  • Learn how to use the manual settings on your camera
  • Learn to be an inspired travel photographer
  • Learn how to be prepared for your next vacation to take great photos
  • Learn to edit your photos to really make them pop!

Capital Structuring Techiques for CA / CFA / CPA Exams 25$=>0$

7 Hours + 50 Lectures
  • 50 lectures & case studies for CA IPCC / CFA / CS Final / CMA Inter / MBA Finance / B Com Final Exams & Professionals
  • Understand the Importance of Capital Structuring in Business
  • Understand Optimal Capital Structure for Business
  • Understand effect of Leverage in Business
  • Understand Indifference Point for various forms of capital
  • Understand Capital Structure Theories

Statistics - Measures of Dispersion for CA / CS / CFA exams 20$=>0$

1 Hours + 14 Lectures
Learn Measures of Dispersion covering Range, Quartile - Mean - Standard Deviation

Evernote Made Easy: Boost Productivity & Simplify Your Life 95$=>0$

1 Hours + 19 Lectures
Evernote productivity system to stay organized, free up your mind and time, for the things that matter to you the most!

Excel Hacking 195$=>0$

5.5 Hours + 93 Lectures
  • 30+Excel Hacks For Accelerated Learning & Comprehensive Guide To All Aspects Excel Related To Become A Specialist ASAP
  • Gain Practical Knowledge Of Excel From The Very Basics, All The Way To Complex Formulas, Pivot Tables & Elaborate Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Take An Approach Focused On Practicality And Modify The Spreadsheets Made Available To You As You Go Through The Course
  • Master 20+ Excel Hacks Which Will Increase Your Working Speed Tremendously
  • Make Use Of Custom-Built Templates For Both Your Business & Personal Life
  • Learn The Top Excel Functionalities For Manipulating Data Without Formulas
  • Easily Digest The Comprehensive Formula-Based Part Of This Course And Learn Everything From the Sum Formula All The Way To Advanced combinations Such As Match + Index
  • Discover An Entire Section On How To Manipulate Text Strings With Formulas

Facebook Marketing: Advanced Targeting Strategies 200$=>0$

1.5 Hours + 24 Lectures
Harness the power of our proven Facebook targeting strategies to build your fan base, generate leads and make more sales

Fibromyalgia - 7 Day Challenge for Pain Free Living & Health 95$=>0$

3 Hours + 16 Lectures
Take our seven day challenge. See for yourself the impact food has on your condition and discover a drug-free way.

Amazon FBA Made Easy Simple Introduction to Amazon FBA 20$=>0$

1.5 Hours + 27 Lectures
Is Amazon FBA for you? Six Steps to an Amazon FBA Home Business

eBay for newbies: learn the basics to start selling on eBay 70$=>0$

1.5 Hours + 23 Lectures
Learn the basics you need to get started on your Journey to become a successful Powerseller on eBay

How to build an etsy ecommerce home business in record time 105$=>0$

3 Hours + 69 Lectures
  • Guide with an example and analysis on how to start your own Etsy business from scratch and make money from home
  • Learn how to create a business from scratch
  • Learn how to sell products on etsy
  • Learn to be more successful sellers on etsy

The Complete Amazon Seller Course - Master Amazon FBA 125$=>0$

5 Hours + 56 Lectures
  • Amazon FBA Start Selling on Amazon FBA today. Join Amazon and start your "work from home" business today!
  • Have a great business on Amazon
  • Make money online
  • Have more free time to do things you love to do

Sell Books On Amazon: Work from Home with Amazon FBA 75$=>0$

3.5 Hours + 41 Lectures
  • Amazon FBA: a beginners guide to selling used books on Amazon and working from home.
  • Create a system where you can have recurring income every month
  • Build your Home Business
  • Successfully sell books on Amazon
  • Know the easiest way to earn money on Amazon

Amazon: How To Make Huge Margins Selling Products 100$=>0$

3.5 Hours + 40 Lectures
  • The Complete Guide to start your Amazon FBA Business using the Amazon Fulfillment service (FBA)
  • Successfully Sell products on Amazon
  • Earn money working from Home
  • Know all the best strategies to earn money on Amazon
  • Know the easiest way to earn money on Amazon

Opera Browser Sync Service Hacked; Users Data and Saved Passwords Compromised
Opera Browser Sync Service Hacked; Users Data and Saved Passwords Compromised
Opera Browser Sync Service Hacked; Users Data and Saved Passwords Compromised

USA Senators troll Facebook with fake ad campaign
USA Senators troll Facebook with fake ad campaign

Senators Mark Warner (Va.) and Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) created a Facebook page for a fictional political group — Americans for Disclosure Solution

USA Senators troll Facebook with fake ad campaign
10 Picture Of The Newest Lamborghini Most Outrageous Super Extreme Idea

he newest, most outrageous, “super extreme” idea from Lamborghini is a box. Well, metaphorically. The Italian supercar giant unveiled a

USA Senators troll Facebook with fake ad campaign
Apple tactics to let developers offer discounts on in-app subscriptions

Apple plans to give developers more freedom over the introductory pricing levels of in-app subscriptions. As referenced in the iOS 11.2 beta release n

USA Senators troll Facebook with fake ad campaign
SAMSUNG Given $120 M To APPLE in slide-to-unlock patent battle

After many years of fighting in the courts, Apple has finally claimed victory over Samsung to the count of $120 million. The case revolved aro

USA Senators troll Facebook with fake ad campaign
Saudi Arabia Arrested Saudi Prince BIN TALAL and tech investor

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, Chairman of the Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation, right. Photo: Farah Abdi Warsameh / AP Saudi Arabia

USA Senators troll Facebook with fake ad campaign
Prove Expose Kremlin Links To Facebook And Twitter Investor

Yuri Milner, a Russian venture capitalist, made investments in Facebook and Twitter while they were still private with the help of funds linked to Rus

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